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This new report presents ideas about how to do so – based on the collaborative thinking of city-makers who attended the Innovative City development meeting in Madrid in March 2017. Earlier this month, the report was presented to attendees of the International Association for the Study of the Commons conference, highlighting case studies and experiences on city-making. ECF hopes these ideas will inspire confidence in co-city-making between institutions and citizens.
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Hou, Jeff and Knierbein, Sabine (eds) City Unsilenced. Urban Resistance in
the Age of Shrinking Democracy.
New York/London. Routledge

What do the recent urban resistance tactics around the world have in common?
What are the roles of public space in these movements? What are the
implications of urban resistance for the remaking of public space in the
"age of shrinking democracy"? To what extent do these resistances move
from anti- to alter-politics?
City Unsilenced brings together a cross-disciplinary group
of scholars and scholar-activists to examine the spaces, conditions,
and processes in which neoliberal practices have profoundly impacted the
everyday social, economic, and political life of citizens and
communities around the globe. They explore the commonalities and
specificities of urban resistance movements that respond to those
impacts. They focus on how such movements make use of and transform the
meanings and capacity of public space. They investigate their
ramifications in the continued practices of renewing democracies. A
broad collection of cases is presented and analyzed, including Movimento
Passe Livre (Brazil), Google Bus Blockades San Francisco (USA), the
Platform for Mortgage Affected People (PAH) (Spain), the Piqueteros
Movement (Argentina), Umbrella Movement (Hong Kong), post-Occupy Gezi
Park (Turkey), Sunflower Movement (Taiwan), Occupy Oakland (USA),
Syntagma Square (Greece), Researchers for Fair Policing (New York),
Urban Movement Congress (Poland), urban activism (Berlin), 1DMX
(Mexico), Miyashita Park Tokyo (Japan), 15M Movement (Spain), and Train
of Hope and protests against Academic Ball in Vienna (Austria). By better understanding the processes and implications of the recent urban resistances, City Unsilenced contributes to the ongoing debates concerning the role and significance of public space in the practice of lived democracy.

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