About Initiative Don’t let Belgrade d(r)own

Initiative Ne da(vi)mo Beograd (Don’t let Belgrade d®own) acts in the
field of urban and cultural policies, sustainable city development, fair
use of common resources, and the involvement of citizens in the urban
development of their environment. In 2014 the Initiative has gathered
around a common goal: putting an end to the degradation and plunder of
Belgrade on behalf of megalomaniacal urban and architectural projects,
primarily the “Belgrade Waterfront” project, through self-organized
street actions, judicial and media activism, public campaigns and
protests. What started as an act of civil disobedience, with 100
participants objecting to the dubious City Masterplan changes, was
followed by numerous guerilla actions, public talks, research and
information dissemination, media engagement, newspapers publishing, and
series of protests of more than 20.000 people on the streets, raising
awareness and changing the public opinion and engagement in the urban
development of Belgrade along the way.